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 the future of molecular diagnostics.
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ChipDX is your online genomic data analysis tool for generating personalized, accurate, and actionable diagnostic results.

Performing an analysis is as simple as uploading an Affymetrix GeneChip profile of the tumor of interest and selecting from the  following diagnostic tests:

  • CancerPRS®: Characterize a metastatic or poorly-differentiated tumor using a panel of IHC gene expression markers and comparison to a 1600-tumor, 1200-gene tissue-specificity database. Read more...

  • BreastPRS®: Determine a breast cancer patient's intrinsic molecular subtype and risk of disease recurrence within 10 years. Read more...

  • ColonPRS®: Predict prognosis of patients diagnosed with stage II or III colon cancer. Read more...

  • LungPRS® [coming soon]: Classify early stage lung adenocarcinoma patients as high or low risk for relapse and predict response to cisplatin/vinorelbine.

Each test includes the ChipDX 9-point quality control process, panel of commonly-used IHC marker genes and confirmation of malignant status, giving you confidence in the end result.

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ChipDX is currently available for non-diagnostic or research-use only.

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I hereby agree not to submit or analyze data from patients currently undergoing diagnostic investigations or medical treatment. Furthermore, the results generated from the use of ChipDX Analysis Modules will not be used to influence diagnostic or treatment decisions.

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